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This is a moving story of a fire fighter/paramedic with 25 years of experience, who was at Ground Zero during the attacks on 9/11. He witnessed the attacks and responded to the collective cry for help; only to discover that among those calling for help were two of his former partners and several other friends. As he dug through the rubble, he made a promise to all those who lost their lives that their efforts and sacrifice would not be buried beneath the rubble.

 This book is a compilation of his never before seen personal diary and photos. This will give you a first hand look into the events of 9/11 as they unfold via inspirational stories. This is a sincere attempt to bestow the respect that these heroes truly deserve and to keep their humble voices alive. His hope is that the powerful and emotionally charged stories give some feeling of peace to all the victims of 9/11 and allows the reader to live the moment, through the eyes of the these brave men and women. 

A 25-year career as a first responder exposed the writer to both the worst and best of humanity. On 9/11 many witnessed for the first time what he has always known; and that is there is a philanthropic depth to the American character especially among many first responders. The daily acts of sacrifice and compassion performed by these men and women are not viewed as heroic but are simply second nature. The book highlights these traits and focuses on the tragedy that was averted by the thousands of individual acts of kindness and bravery that combined to save tens of thousands.

The book is the result of a 5-year comprehensive collection of photos, artwork, stories and quotes that will connect you to 9/11 like never before. If you were personally affected by the tragedy, this book should give you comfort and pride from a totally different perspective. Regardless of your relationship to this tragedy you will discover a positive personal connection that will surprise you.

Originally the book was exclusively distributed among first responders but their highly positive emotional response and their desire to share it with the public, has lead to a limited trial release for the fifth anniversary of the attacks. The following statement by the widow of a firefighter convinced me to make the book public,“ When my children are old enough, I want them to read your book, so they can better know their father.”

Thank you for sharing in my admiration for those who have fallen and in keeping their spirit and legacy alive.



This flag symbolizes the enduring courage and spirit of true American patriots. It was designed to represent the hundreds of selfless acts and courage that was born on 09/11/01. This tragedy was minimized because of these brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for their neighbor and because of their commitment to duty and country. Thousands of volunteers and everyday citizens also responded to a collective cry for help and became heroes that day. The “American Tribute” was inspired by a promise and commitment to honor all the heroes and to keep their spirit alive.Their names are embedded in the flag as they embody the heart and soul of America...more »











As a paramedic/firefighter who responded on 9/11, who was fortunate enough to survive that day, I felt compelled to share my gratitude and admiration, for so many, that gave so much. This book is a compilation of my own personal photo album and diary surrounding the event. My intention was to give some comfort to all those affected by the tragic events of 9/11... [more]

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Receive this free poem in PDF format entitle  "I'm There With You" by Fabrizio Bivona as a tribute to all those who perished September 11, 2001.



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