This flag symbolizes the enduring courage and spirit of true American patriots. It was designed to represent the hundreds of selfless acts and courage that was born on 09/11/01. This tragedy was minimized because of these brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for their neighbor and because of their commitment to duty and country. Thousands of volunteers and everyday citizens also responded to a collective cry for help and became heroes that day. The “American Tribute” was inspired by a promise and commitment to honor all the heroes and to keep their spirit alive. Their names are embedded in the flag as they embody the heart and soul of America. Every person who lost their lives that day and the ones losing their lives today are all named in the body of this flag. We will never truly know all the acts of heroism that occurred that day but what we do know is that people lost their lives that day helping others.

 The names of all those who stood up for America that day are laid out in this flag with an insignia after their name. The insignia is either a symbol for the profession they honored or a symbol of where they took a stand for America that day. The names in the blue field of stars represent the men and women who were exposed to the hazards of their rescue efforts and have perished since 09/11/2001. These names will continue to be added annually as many more of our brothers and sisters are losing their day to day fight. The bottom of the flag encompasses the parts of America that were directly attacked. Our hope is that the spirits of  our fallen brothers and sisters is kept alive as a beacon of hope and inspiration. These men and women of honor represent the best America has to offer. Please join with us to proudly display “the American Tribute” as this symbol of selfless sacrifice and excellence.

As a paramedic/firefighter who responded on 9/11, who was fortunate enough to survive that day, I felt compelled to share my gratitude and admiration, for so many, that gave so much. This book is a compilation of my own personal photo album and diary surrounding the event. My intention was to give some comfort to all those affected by the tragic events of 9/11... [more]

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Receive this free poem in PDF format entitle  "I'm There With You" by Fabrizio Bivona as a tribute to all those who perished September 11, 2001.



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