ArtAID: Art in Service of Humanity

Some years before September 11, we had a vision of creating an arts organization that would give artists an opportunity to contribute their work to helping others by supporting charitable causes. Commissions normally taken by galleries and collectors would go directly into fund-raising programs and charities that most needed the support. It was also intended to give artists a socially responsible means to make a living. ArtAID was born out of a desire to heal the world. It also sought to provide resources to the artists who create the healing works, thus fostering a unique relationship worthy of development.

Then September 11th changed everything. We were faced with a compelling urgency to console those most affected by this tragedy. The unprecedented need to heal our wounded community was so great that responding to that event was our top priority, which was fueled by the overwhelming demand for these great works for those they were intended for. This was a powerful validation of the value of this work, but created an enormous challenge to provide for a growing need.

Eventually ArtAID became incorporated as a non-profit in the New York State. We retained the finest legal assistance, established a bank account, and began to accept nominal donations to help cover our printing and distribution expenses. Out of this emerged a membership-based program to provide these beautiful artworks as our special ?Thank You? in return for supporting this needed work. With some much needed anonymous sponsors, ArtAID has continued to exist and grow, and we now enter a whole new era of providing Art in Service of Humanity based on models of healing arts that were so effective immediately after September 11.

When you visit the ArtAID website, you will have an opportunity to witness our deeply appreciated programs for LODD (Line of Duty Death) incidents involving members of uniformed services: police officers, firefighters and paramedics, created much in the spirit of the work that was born in response to September 11. The need for this work continues which is illustrated in heartfelt testimonials. You will also find them as integral components of many memorials for our fallen brothers and sisters. This growing online community carries the torch of honor and remembrance ArtAID has so steadfastly committed to continue.

You will also notice that most images have links to high-resolution prints that ArtAID members are invited to download. Since our priority is to make these works available to those in need, we must rely on the honor system that visitors who download and print the images support this cause. Just as a paramedic or doctor will not ask for payment up front or refuse to treat someone in need, ArtAID readily provides these works for those in grief who most need to be healed and consoled.

We do not disrupt that process with passwords or credit card pages to get through before receiving the healing power of this work. After you have experienced the beauty, value and understand the need for this work, or have downloaded any of the images, please take a second to support this remarkable project. When you are visiting the website, please do not

hesitate to click on the ?Support? links or print the membership form and mail it in with a contribution. 

??ArtAID 2004 Art in Service of Humanity


The Rolling Memorial, Owner/Operator

17369 Banyan Rd., Shafer, MN 55074

Have You Forgotten-The Rolling Memorial is dedicated to the victims and heroes who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001. Let us, NEVER FORGET that dreadful day! God Bless America 

Meryl L. Moss Media Relations Inc.

155 Post Road East Suite 8, Westport, CT. 06880

Special Thanks

Special thanks to those that allowed me to use their photos including

AP Wide World Photos, Getty Images, New York Daily News, Corbis and John McKennon (two photos to the St. Paul?s composition).  

John is a devoted husband to his wife Jackie, and his three children.

He is an avid photographer and lifelong friend of mine.

Most of the photos were taken as I was searching for survivors on September 11 and in the days that followed. I strived very hard for an accurate and complete recounting of events. Please contact me to rectify any omissions or inaccuracies you may find.

Fabrizio Bivona

As a paramedic/firefighter who responded on 9/11, who was fortunate enough to survive that day, I felt compelled to share my gratitude and admiration, for so many, that gave so much. This book is a compilation of my own personal photo album and diary surrounding the event. My intention was to give some comfort to all those affected by the tragic events of 9/11... [more]

Free Printable Poem

Receive this free poem in PDF format entitle  "I'm There With You" by Fabrizio Bivona as a tribute to all those who perished September 11, 2001.



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